Devel Digest, Vol 32, Issue 13

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sat Oct 4 22:23:36 EDT 2008

> Is q2e19 going to be included in the 8.2 release?
> The reason I ask is that trac 8451, test-all crash after the touchpad  
> test,  found in q2e18 is very disconcerting.

q2e19 is a quick-turn release (half-day turnaround from head's up to 
release) for a pre-build of a limited run of machines with a new 
keyboard controller.  It has new and barely-tested EC code plus a 
barely-tested change to the keyboard driver.  It might not survive the 
weekend before e20 is issued.  The mouse test problem that you found is 
likely to be e19's demise.  It's possible that the problem could affect 
the keyboard in some cases.

I have determined that the mouse test problem is caused by some device - 
either the EC or the touchpad - returning a "RESEND" code instead of an 
"ACK" in response to the first "IDENTIFY" request.  I have never seen 
that happen before.  It doesn't happen all the time; a lot of the time 
it works.  I'm working on a fix.

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