Devel Digest, Vol 32, Issue 12

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sat Oct 4 19:37:52 EDT 2008

mikus wrote
> p.s.  Despite asking, I haven't been able to find out why, during
>        boot, sometimes a green "OLPC" icon gets shown, but often is
>        not shown.  Should I conclude that its presence depends on the
>        absence of an SD card, or on "the drop of a hat" ?

The only green icon in OFW depicts a stylized laptop.  Is that what you 
mean by "OLPC"?

When booting is secure mode, the green laptop and other icons below the 
center XO icon appear only if the check key is depressed, or when the 
screen has to be "unfrozen" to display boot failure information.

The green laptop signifies that NAND FLASH is being searched for boot 
files (developer key, activation lease key, kernel, ramdisk).  Other 
icons - red USB key , orange SD card - show when other devices are being 
searched.  A series of small dots below the icon signify various stages 
in the search process - presence of a filesystem on the device, search 
for developer key, firmware update bundle, activation lease key, and OS 

After OFW has transferred control to the OS, a different set of icons 
depicts problems in the lease-acquisition process.  I don't know where 
to find a description of what those icons mean, but the Python code that 
displays them is in;a=tree , specifically 
in the file

BTW, I found this page that describes the information I told you 
privately about OFW and the dots -

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