OFW should turn off microphone

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Oct 4 07:30:32 EDT 2008

> The only case in which OFW turns on the microphone is during an
> explicitly-invoked selftest operation - a test-all from the keyboard or
> the game button, or "test /audio".  That is not part of the normal boot
> sequence.
> The microphone light does come on during the OS startup sequence.  It
> appears to correspond to the point at which the codec driver is
> initialized and some ALSA messages appear.  On one of my machines, with
> OS build 703, the light blinks on briefly then goes back off almost
> immediately.  On another one, with build 759, it stays on for several
> seconds.

I don't care if the microphone light is turned on by a left-handed 
'foo' or by a right-handed 'bar'.  What I notice is that on every 
one of my machines, while I boot the camera LED lights up briefly, 
but the microphone LED lights up for several seconds.  [In 1Q 2008, 
at boot the microphone LED did not stay noticeably lit.]

> I *wish* people wouldn't jump to conclusions about which software
> component is responsible for a given problem.

HOW is the user supposed to know which software component is 
responsible ?  WHERE is the documentation for "what LED gets turned 
on when, during the normal boot sequence" ?

 From some discussions on devel, I gathered that 'showing the first 
dot of the "circle of dots"' is a "milestone" during the boot-up 
process.  That made me think that what happens *before* the "circle 
of dots" is the responsibility of the software that runs before -- 
namely OFW.  And the microphone LED has already been lit for quite a 
while when the "circle of dots" begins to be drawn.

Please tell me where to find out EXACTLY what is the last thing to 
happen for which OFW is responsible.  I mean in XO documentation, 
not by looking at the code.

Absent information, people *will* draw their own conclusions.


p.s.  Despite asking, I haven't been able to find out why, during
       boot, sometimes a green "OLPC" icon gets shown, but often is
       not shown.  Should I conclude that its presence depends on the
       absence of an SD card, or on "the drop of a hat" ?

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