Error : Model for window 4195586 does not exist. (Using jh-build)

Naveen Aggarwal aggarwal.naveen.nsit at
Sat Oct 4 03:58:52 EDT 2008

I am using jh-build having sugar 0.83.x. I am running it on fedora 7. I have
my code in pygtk. When i run it using terminal of jh-build, it works
perfectly. But when i try to port my activity to sugar using and
MANIFEST files etc., and then try starting my activity by clicking on icon,
it shows the following error :

*1223101292.624087 ERROR root: Model for window 4195143 does not exist.

*I am using gtk.Window(window_TOPLEVEL) in my code. I downloaded an an
activity *BlockParty *from net and built it on sugar. Although it also uses
the same type of window, it is working fine. I could not find out any other
bug in the program. Can somebody please help sorting out this problem.
Thanks in advance

Naveen Aggarwal
3rd year Computers Engineering Student
NSIT, New Delhi
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