Journal2 recipe...

Michael Stone michael at
Sat Nov 29 21:18:12 EST 2008


I've wanted to see Journal2 running on an XO for some time so I:

1. flashed 767 onto my XO and installed git. 
2. checked out git://
    * downloading and recompressing 80 MB of videos is really slow on an
      XO; please stick these in a submodule.
3. built myself a pinot rpm with your patches...
    * checkout git://
    * saved the diff from your pristine source import commit to HEAD;
      removed debian-specific hunks
    * checkout pinot from Fedora cvs and, on the F-9 branch, 
          'cvs up -r pinot_0_85-1_fc9 .'
      to return to pinot-0.85-1    (f9 is on pinot-0.89)
    * modified the specfile to apply your cumulative patch
    * make mockbuild MOCKCFG=fedora-9-i386
    * posted the result to
      and installed it by
4. yum install pinot for deps, wget the patched pinot, 
    then 'rpm -Uvh --force' updated pinot

5. as olpc, 'mkdir ~/Journal; cd journal2; python'
This is adequate to bring up a nice journal gui but, unfortunately,
searches yield no documents, presumably because none have been indexed.

What should I do in order to try out searching?



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