Touch pads

Jameson "Chema" Quinn jquinn at
Tue Nov 25 20:21:21 EST 2008

I'm here in Guatemala, and I see it to the point where it is a serious
problem. This is an interesting data point, because it is more humid than
hot here - average temperature around 21C but average humidity in the 70s or
so - .
It seems to have gotten worse over the life of my machine.

The machine is usable, but I am sure that if it were this bad in Boston it
would be fixed by now. My daughter basically hands the mouse over to me half
the time unless my optical mouse is free, and drawing programs are not worth
it. I also think that improved keyboard navegability would be really worth
it, because even if this is significantly improved, there will probably be
thousands of units in the field getting bitten noticeably.

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