joyride build fixes cont

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Nov 19 12:33:56 EST 2008

>> Hi All,
>> Looking further at the issues with joyride.... in particular the
>> following 3 packages:
>> ntpdate
>> olpcsound
>> olpc-logos
>> Looking at the output of the pilgrim build logs [1] I see the following
>> errors:
>> Setting up Install Process
>> Parsing package install arguments
>> No package olpc-logos available.
>> No package olpcsound available.
>> No package ntp-ntpdate available.
>> Resolving Dependencies
>> The ntp-ntpdate package is now called just ntpdate. I've tagged the
>> standard F-10 build package for olpc-4 in koji so if someone could
>> update the build script for the new name it should be fixed.
> please untag it.  it will be picked up through regular inheritance.  by having
> it tagged any fedora updates will not get picked up automatically.

Done. Sorry, still a bit raw on how the whole tagging side of things
works. There doesn't seem to be a lot of documentation on how it


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