joyride build fixes cont

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Nov 19 12:31:03 EST 2008

>> please untag it.  it will be picked up through regular inheritance.  by having
>> it tagged any fedora updates will not get picked up automatically.
> Hmm, then perhaps I should undo what I did yesterday (tagged 3
> packages in the f10-updates queue for quicker joyride inclusion).

Those would then drop out as they haven't been pushed to F-10 due to
the immentant release of F-10 so I can do them once I've had
confirmation they've been pushed to mainline.

> But, I'm pretty sure we had things working differently for F9. If
> there was something pending we would tag it for earlier inclusion than
> normal. I'm pretty sure it was you who told me this, I documented it
> here:
> Can we make things work the same way for F10? Saves the pain of
> waiting for the updates queue which is out of our hands.

Once F-10 is out and rolling I suspect it will be less painful. Its
just that we're so close to release.


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