F-10 joyride vs 8.2 - getting fixes upstream.

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 17:46:00 EST 2008

>> Inlined below but the problem we have at the moment with things pretty
>> locked down in preparation for Fedora-10 final the changes and fixes
>> we get in are being held in the updates queue (like the ones I fixed
>> yesterday).
> Don't let this slow you down. Tag your packages as dist-olpc4. I just
> did these for the 3 you have already done (thanks!). They will appear
> in joyride later tonight.


>> A large chunk of the differences are already upstream in Fedora 10.
>> The rest I'm prepared to run with as much as possible and I'm sure
>> gregdek, jkatz and others on the fedora-olpc are there to help me out,
>> plus of course the no doubt copious advice from this list ;-)
> Thanks. With the Fedora 9 upgrade, we found it really useful to have a
> wiki page listing the outstanding regressions that were related to
> upgrade fallout. I created one here:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC-4
> and populated it with the parts from
> Distro_version_migration_nastiness that I think need to be fixed for
> F10/9.1. Feel free to update and modify as you see fit, or ignore if
> you think it is useless :)

Nope, I like central locations for documentation, it makes it lower
entry level for others :-)

>> The reason I propose this while might be a bit more work now it means
>> that overall fedora mainline will end up assisting in the majority of
>> the work.
> Agreed, and now is the right time in the cycle.
>> These ones are much much easier to fix as its within the Fedora
>> project. We'll issues we'll have is with the more unresponsive
>> developers but there are ways to deal with those. I'm quite happy to
>> deal with these ones, log bugs, and even make the changes required in
>> conjunction with the package maintainers.
> Sounds good. I think you will find that some are harder to fix, even
> though they are entirely Fedora, because OLPC has different
> requirements from your normal desktop users. Let's see how we get on
> :)

I have no doubt it will be difficult to get it all upstream, but its
not all that different. I like small and fast on my NetBook, and
servers. Gives me more resources to do the things I buy the machines
for :-)

>> There's a couple of ways it can be dealt with. Someone can file a bug
>> an link it against the tracker bug so I can chase. Or to flag them to
>> me and I'll file the bug and chase. I already have done some of these.
> OK. I want to help with some of this, I did a lot of the work for F9
> so know what to look for and how to address these things. Expect some
> bugs coming from my end :)
>> I figured there would be some sort of aim like this. Where are we on
>> this aim of the 100 meg with say the 8.2 release? Looking at the
>> correlation between the different releases below it looks like the 8.2
>> release was the smallest and as we stand we're not that much bigger
>> than update_1. But I suspect that is the sizing is based of a bunch of
>> rpms as opposed to install size. Remove just perl I we'll be below
>> update_1, from there I think it should be achievable to get the size
>> down to 8.2 in a pretty reasonable time.
>> http://dev.laptop.org/~bert/8.2-pkgs.html
> Our smallest release by far was ship2. The above pages show it as
> bigger than 8.2, but actually ship2 includes activities and library
> content (over 100mb, I think) which we exclude from later builds and
> install separately.
> ship2 including activities and library is 279mb.
> 8.2-g1g1-767 including activities and library is 450mb.
> Not a fair comparison because 8.2 includes more activities, including
> the 100mb WikipediaEN, but the point is there: we are continually
> getting bigger and it is a difficult battle to keep things the same
> size, never mind making them get smaller.

Would be nice to have some sort of comparison of the core OS so we
have some sort of gauge of how we're going.

>> BTW is there a live-cd or VM image download of joyride? I would like
>> to run one up on a VM environment where I can run some RPM dep hacky
>> scripts against the rpm install.
> I think you can run the joyride images in emulation. I also think its
> about time we got you an XO. Submit an application here:
> http://projectdb.olpc.at/

Already have after gregdek suggested I did, its been approved and I'm
just awaiting for delivery. Project is called "Fedora Mainline"


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