Music Keyboard for TamTam?

Gary C Martin gary at
Sun Nov 16 23:24:54 EST 2008

On 17 Nov 2008, at 04:06, Gary C Martin wrote:

>> I was wondering if there would be a way to connect a usb musical
>> keyboard to the XO to use with the TamTam suite of Activities?
>> The software would have to be able to recognize the input from the
>> keyboard.  A small 37-key midi keyboard by M-Audio costs about $50.
>> <>.  It supposedly
>> works with any computer with a usb connection, but I suspect they
>> mean any Mac or Windows based machine.
>> The programs in the TamTam suite are really powerful, and could
>> appeal to older children and adults if the keyboard input was more
>> suited to their larger hands.
>> Any ideas?
> Ooh I've been meaning to test this for a while – so I've just plugged
> my M-Audio 49-e into the XO (release 8.2-767), and tried each of the
> TamTam suite... Unfortunately it seems to have no effect :-(
> This was only a very quick attempt, I'll try a deeper look and see if
> anything obvious is borked, will likely poke about with csound in the
> raw and see what I can pick-up:
> I'm guessing this may well work, or at least used to, as I found this
> flicker shot of Simon and Walter testing an early board prototype :-)
> Anyone else tried, or can point me in the right direction (is there
> some /dev I should look for)?

OK, replying to my own email (well it is late here) – I can at least  
see the midi keyboard is being recognised using the terminal amidi  

amidi -l
Dir   Device    Name
IO    hw:1,0,0   Ketstation 49e MIDI 1

On a more disappointing note I found this ticket "G1G1 tamtam suite  
should respond to MIDI keyboard input" from 10 months ago. Closed.  
Wont fix :-(


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