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Joshua Minor j at lux.vu
Sun Nov 16 01:33:57 EST 2008

On Nov 15, 2008, at 10:23 AM, pgf at laptop.org wrote:

> joshua wrote:
>> On Nov 12, 2008, at 11:33 PM, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
>>> On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 2:14 AM, Joshua Minor <j at lux.vu> wrote:
>>>> My daughter's XO is full, but mine has over 400 GB free.  Both
>>>> laptops
>>>> are running 767.  I ran 'du -sk|sort -n' in various places starting
>>>> at / and as far as I can tell the difference is that her /versions/
>>>> pristine is twice as large as mine (roughly 1GB instead of 500MB).
>>>> How can I free up some space for her?
>>> /versions/pristine is filled with hardlinks, so I'd take the results
>>> of du -sk with a huge grain of salt.
>>> I would expect that /home/olpc/.sugar would be the big size  
>>> difference
>>> between the two.
>>> Can you post the results of 'ls /versions/pristine'?
>>> --scott
>> Hers (full):
>> 0c3deafeab44a959a0e2e18c5c2092e9
>> 60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a
>> Mine (not full):
>> 5cb011fd465a5793ce12df8064f6790d
>> 60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a
>> Her /home/olpc/ is actually smaller than mine (350MB vs 435MB)
>> My theory is this: I have run olpc-update more often on my machine,  
>> so
>> there are fewer differences between the active OS and the fallback
>> one.  On hers, for instance, the fallback OS still has /usr/share/
>> activities/ with a full set of G1G1 2007 activities while mine  
>> doesn't.
>> If my theory is correct, then maybe she can run olpc-update to go  
>> back
>> to something just prior to 767 and then forward to 767 again... does
>> olpc-update let you go backwards?
> yes.  and that might work fine.
> i assume she also has a full complement of activities under
> /home/olpc/Activities.  if she doesn't anticipate going back to
> the fallback, then free free to do an rm -rf of the
> usr/share/Activities under her fallback tree.  they're not needed
> to run the fallback OS, and she's not using them now.  if you're
> worried, you could remove everything but Terminal.  (and maybe
> Journal, if that's in there, but i don't think it is.  i can't
> remember.)
> paul

Thanks that worked great.  Yay!


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