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Sat Nov 15 13:23:30 EST 2008

joshua wrote:
 > On Nov 12, 2008, at 11:33 PM, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
 > > On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 2:14 AM, Joshua Minor <j at lux.vu> wrote:
 > >> My daughter's XO is full, but mine has over 400 GB free.  Both  
 > >> laptops
 > >> are running 767.  I ran 'du -sk|sort -n' in various places starting
 > >> at / and as far as I can tell the difference is that her /versions/
 > >> pristine is twice as large as mine (roughly 1GB instead of 500MB).
 > >> How can I free up some space for her?
 > >
 > > /versions/pristine is filled with hardlinks, so I'd take the results
 > > of du -sk with a huge grain of salt.
 > >
 > > I would expect that /home/olpc/.sugar would be the big size difference
 > > between the two.
 > >
 > > Can you post the results of 'ls /versions/pristine'?
 > >  --scott
 > Hers (full):
 > 0c3deafeab44a959a0e2e18c5c2092e9
 > 60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a
 > Mine (not full):
 > 5cb011fd465a5793ce12df8064f6790d
 > 60ab7dd13168405e4f9207c48a452a5a
 > Her /home/olpc/ is actually smaller than mine (350MB vs 435MB)
 > My theory is this: I have run olpc-update more often on my machine, so  
 > there are fewer differences between the active OS and the fallback  
 > one.  On hers, for instance, the fallback OS still has /usr/share/ 
 > activities/ with a full set of G1G1 2007 activities while mine doesn't.
 > If my theory is correct, then maybe she can run olpc-update to go back  
 > to something just prior to 767 and then forward to 767 again... does  
 > olpc-update let you go backwards?

yes.  and that might work fine.

i assume she also has a full complement of activities under
/home/olpc/Activities.  if she doesn't anticipate going back to
the fallback, then free free to do an rm -rf of the
usr/share/Activities under her fallback tree.  they're not needed
to run the fallback OS, and she's not using them now.  if you're
worried, you could remove everything but Terminal.  (and maybe
Journal, if that's in there, but i don't think it is.  i can't

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