New joyride build 2546

david at david at
Thu Nov 13 21:03:41 EST 2008

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, Build Announcer v2 wrote:

I installed this on my two C2 machines

one was at firmware 2e22 (from upgrading to joyride yesterday) the other 
was at 2e18 both running 767

the one starting from 2e22 upgraded much faster (one failed inc rsync, 
then full rsync vs onw failed in rsync then a inc rsync)

the one starting from 2e22 booted, sees each access point seperatly (15 of 
them for one network in my case), but cannot start any apps. the throbber 
runs and then I end back on the home screen. doing cntl+alt+F1 shows 
errors talking about being unable to open the X display

trying to do a yum install gives an error about a missing gpg key

rebooting doesn't work (error about init --restart being invalid)

I reverted this machine to 767

the other machine boots and is able to start apps (same network 
nehiborhook issues) same gpg key issue however when I start the terminal 
the display doesn't show full characters until the screen scrolls

I noticed that recently (I think with 767) the micraphone is activated for 
several seconds during boot. on this joyride (and on debxo) the mic stays 
on all the time.

David Lang

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