MPP with two XOs and a pppd via GPRS

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Thu Nov 13 14:59:56 EST 2008

Sorry, the mail missed my sight. Please see the comments below:

On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 1:33 AM, Sameer Verma <sverma at> wrote:

> I have two XOs (XO#1 and XO#2) with build 767. XO#1 is connected using
> wvdial (pppd) over GPRS. I am using Vodafone's service in India. By
> itself, XO#1 gets online. I do have to add the nameserver to
> /etc/resolv.conf but other than that, it works. When I try to set XO#1
> as a MPP using the script from
> I get an error related to iptables the first time. On a second
> attempt, I get no errors and the script seems to do its magic.
> olpc-netstatus reveals that XO#1 is in MPP mode.
> XO#2 cycles through the 3 channels and finally settles at mesh 1 (same
> as the MPP XO#1) but does not say "XO Mesh".

'olpc-netstatus' will not say XO-Mesh since it can determine one of simple
mesh/school mesh/simple wifi/school wifi, or MPP.

However, the DNS server in the output will correspond to the IP address of
the XO acting as MPP i.e. with the modem. Please see if it is there and then
it should connect.

If dnsmasq is not installed, then mpp,py should log this message "No dnsmasq
in RPM database. Is it installed?"

Best regards,
Ankur Verma
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