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pgf at laptop.org pgf at laptop.org
Wed Nov 12 09:41:51 EST 2008

david at lang.hm wrote:
 > I've been using my XO to read the tutorial materials while at the LISA 
 > conf, but one issue that I'm running into is that when I turn off the 
 > backlight (to save battery) and then the machine suspends (as I haven't 
 > hit a key for a while) when I then hit a key it wakes up and turns on the 
 > backlight, and I can't turn it off again without first turning up the 
 > backlight (and the first 'up' takes the screen to very dim) and then turn 
 > it down again.

david -- thanks for the report.  this sounds similar to, but
different than, #8526, which was fixed just before 8.2.  please
open a new trac ticket with detailed instructions to reproduce
(just in case we can't from the above -- the previous
incarnations were surprisingly difficult).

many thanks.

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org
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