add xcompmgr to the olpc-development stream builds

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Tue Nov 11 22:52:03 EST 2008

Erik Garrison wrote:
> I have attached a patch to bin/ which launches xcompmgr prior to
> starting matchbox.  I have not tested this as I don't have a recent
> build of Sugar to test on an XO.  In 8.2 it was possible to achieve the
> same result by adding a hook to

On IRC I said we'd be better off moving this to olpc-session, so the
Sugar codebase should stay clear of platform-specific support.

However, I noticed we also run the window manager from there and it
would make a lot of sense to keep the composing manager next to it.
Some modern window managers even do both things.

Perhaps these things should be moved to olpc-session?  Either way, it
 could be done at a later point with a separate patch.

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