add xcompmgr to the olpc-development stream builds

Erik Garrison erik at
Tue Nov 11 18:39:08 EST 2008

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 12:47:16AM -0500, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Erik Garrison wrote:
> > Attached is a patch to pilgrim which adds xcompmgr to the
> > olpc-development stream builds.  This is a prerequisite for testing.
> > Size delta is negligible: I believe the binary is 26K.
> > 
> > Could we enable this?  Bernie and I are in agreement that we need to
> > start testing of composite.
> Where is the part to launch xcompgr from olpc-session?  I could commit it
> for you.

I have attached a patch to bin/ which launches xcompmgr prior to
starting matchbox.  I have not tested this as I don't have a recent
build of Sugar to test on an XO.  In 8.2 it was possible to achieve the
same result by adding a hook to

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