Rebase joyride to Fedora 10

Chris Ball cjb at
Tue Nov 11 08:53:08 EST 2008

Hi all,

   >> * Create an OLPC-4 branch based on Fedora 10.
   >> * Create the various dist-olpc4-* tags.
   >> * Move pilgrim to use those.

   >> Who can help with the Fedora side of things?

   > Marco - I know that CJB has been thinking about this for a little
   > while and may already have some info/answers.  I realize he can
   > better speak for himself, but he's in Uruguay and I don't know how
   > regular his email access is.  But be sure to get his input before
   > making too many specific plans - thanks!

Michael and I are fine with the plan above -- it's the plan of record.
We should go ahead and ask the Fedora folks to make these changes (and
point Joyride at them); Marco, perhaps you could ask around in
#fedora-admin for someone willing?


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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