Activity Quit Signal

Simon Schampijer simon at
Thu Nov 6 11:57:38 EST 2008

Kristofer Plunkett wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm working on a Sugar activity called Classroom
> Presenter<>and have the need to find out
> when the activity is quitting.  It looks like
> there is a 'quit' signal in, but it is part of a private
> subclass.  The write_file() method seems like the only way to gain access to
> that information, but that method also gets called occasionally when the
> activity is not quitting, so this is not a reliable means.
> Is there a better way?  A way at all?  If not, should I file a bug report?
> Maybe try modifying and offering a patch?
> Thanks,
> Kris

Just override the can_close method like browse is doing can work.;a=blob;;h=badc6f7ec185350f7e68750a06c1194aeec93535;hb=HEAD#l450


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