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Todd Kelsey tekelsey at
Mon Nov 3 14:42:15 EST 2008

Hello Developers,

You are all my heroes and always will be!

Thank you so much for all the time and sacrifices you have made to use your
skills for the benefit of the project. I greatly admire your dedication and
what you've been able to achieve.

Here's two suggested things to do that could impact project funding:

1) *Click to help OLPC/Sugar*

2) *Get One Give One - helpful blurb to prove impact*

1) *Click to help OLPC/Sugar*

Here's an opportunity increase the chances of getting some additional
funding for OLPC and Sugar-related work, simply by clicking on the contest
entries at the Knight News Challenge.

Without needing to register, when you get to an individual entry, you can
also click on the little orange stars (the rightmost one, ideally) to help
with rating. And if you feel so led, you can register and add a comment.

The contest deadline has passed, and they are going through and making
critical decisions of which projects to invite to the next round.

Walter has several Sugar-related entries:

I have one OLPC/Sugar-specific entry:

And there is more convergence in other entries I submitted:

Thanks very much for any clicks you are willing to give. Also please feel
free to forward this email to anyone you think would be willing to click.

(If you are interested in the convergence of OLPC/Sugar and the environment,
you might enjoy seeing the entry and following the link to the RGB
presentation, where there are a few fun pictures.)

2) *Get One Give One - helpful blurb to prove impact*

I tried to summarize a powerful anecdote from Peru in a blog entry, which I
invite you to pass along in the midst of the G1G1 campaign.


Please feel free to get in touch directly if you have any thoughts, or if
you can think of any way that any of the ideas I submitted could be helpful
to OLPC/Sugar.


Todd Kelsey

P.S. One of the interesting things is that when you visit directly, and click on Read/Comment, the "Mesh News"
entry shows up at the top. I had been up all night and it was the last thing
I submitted before collapsing, and amusingly it ends up being the "Most
Recent" entry.
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