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Sun Nov 2 23:47:04 EST 2008

On Sun, 2 Nov 2008, pgf at wrote:

> david at wrote:
> > On Sun, 2 Nov 2008, pgf at wrote:
> ....
> > > on a traditional PC keyboard, the keypad area to the right
> > > contains duplicate arrow, pgup/down and home/end keys that are
> > > operational when numlock is not in effect.  the gamepad produces
> > > the same keycodes that those keypad keys do.  i.e., the dpad
> > > produces keypad up/down/left/right, and the square/check/circle/
> > > cross keys produce the traditional keypad page up/down and
> > > home/end.  (not necessarily in that order -- i don't have an XO
> > > handy to verify which are which.)
> >
> > hmm, I don't think they are the same keycodes at the hardware level. if
> > they were then they would work the same in all software, and what I'm
> > seeing is that on the debxo systems the game keys are doing nothing. given
> > that the system can tell the difference between booting and holding down a
> > game key, or booting and holding down an arrow key, they have to be
> > different at some point.
> yes, i see what you mean -- just tried it.  i stand corrected --
> i didn't think there was much magic there, but i guess there's
> more than i thought.

doing a little more digging with xbindkeys I am finding that some keys do 
not show up

the x/, frame, alt-gw, left and right hand buttons, and the four game keys 
on the right all produce keycodes, but the rotate key, game direction pad, 
the key next to the frame key, the key between escape and F1 do not 
produce any output.

David Lang

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