OLPC France CodeCamp in Paris

LASKE, Lionel (C2S) LLASKE at c2s.fr
Sat Nov 1 07:09:06 EDT 2008

Hi all,

OLPC France is proud to announce its OLPC CodeCamp in Paris on November 15th.

Five workshops are planned:

·         Sugar: development and experimentation on Sugar/python,

·         School Server: setting up and test of school server on multiple platform (standard PC, Booba server, CherryPal, ...),

·         Mono: development of new activities using Mono,

·         Pedagogic usage: Feedbacks from Haïti, Ethiopia and Palestine deployment. Brainstorming with French teachers to find usage and class activity for the XO.

·         French localization: French translators will work all the days to translate in French, sugar, activities and FLOSS manual.

If you're interested to meet the French OLPC community and to have a nice trip to Paris: you're welcome !

More information on: http://olpc-france.org/wiki/index.php?title=OLPC_France_CodeCamp_15_november

Best regards from France.

            Lionel Laské

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