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TG tefera at mekuria.com
Fri May 30 14:08:18 EDT 2008

Hi Sayamindu
That is a curious looking character:-). I looked in to the basic, the
supplement and the extended ethiopic character charts and there is nothing
that looks like that. I don't think that is part of the ethiopic character
I previously raised the issue of character ጨ (u+1328). All most all variants
of Ethiopic keyboard that are in use to day use the position C (shift +c)
which is the most logical place. instead on OLPC keyboard it is stuck up
there with a character that it has no similarity at all. it should fallow
the same logic as the characters ተ(u+1270) and ጠ(u+1320). I have just
created a ticket http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/7136 . I don't know if you
have any thing to do with this kind of bug but would be nice to correct it
as soon as possible.

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 11:41 PM, Sayamindu Dasgupta <sayamindu at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone,
> Sorry for the cross posting, but can anyone tell me what the character
> on the key to the immediate lower left of the Enter key (as shown in
> http://wiki.laptop.org/images/8/8f/Ethiopic-B3.png) is ? The non
> Amharic characters on that are | and \, but I cannot figure out
> whether the Amharic character is a hyphen or something else. If it's
> not a hyphen, the unicode code point for the character would really
> help.
> We are trying to fix the Amharic keyboard, see
> http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/6945 for details
> Thanks in advance,
> Sayamindu
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> Sayamindu Dasgupta
> [http://sayamindu.randomink.org/ramblings]
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