Troubleshooting the XO

John Watlington wad at
Wed May 28 17:52:58 EDT 2008

On May 28, 2008, at 5:50 PM, Mitch Bradley wrote:

> I would be most pleased to contribute to this guide.  Please send a  
> link to the starting point.

That would help, wouldn't it ?

> John Watlington wrote:
>> As countries look for repair solutions, they are requesting a
>> troubleshooting guide to the laptop.
>> I have made a first pass at generating stubs for such a guide,
>> and am in the process of filling it out.  Given that you have
>> debugged a number of laptops, can you please take a look
>> and add/modify ?
>> Even if you don't have time to fill anything out, just adding
>> stubs would help trigger the memory of problems we've
>> encountered in the past and how we identified them.
>> While filling out the guide, please link into the laptop
>> disassembly manual for disassembly instructions
>> and photos.
>> Thanks,
>> wad

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