Video from last week's country meetings.

Rob Savoye rob at
Wed May 28 09:27:45 EDT 2008

C. Scott Ananian wrote:

> Talking with Rob Savoy at FISL, he mentioned that recently some
> speedups for Ogg encoding has been found that offered over an order of
> magnitude improvement.  I can't tell if that's what's being discussed
> in the email above, or if these improvements are still in the pipe.
> But Rob promised that we'd have a full end-to-end Ogg solution by the
> end of the year.

   For Theora, as opposed to Ogg Vorbis, but mostly on the encoding side 
of things. It used to take over 60 passes to encode, now it's down to 1 
pass. There appear to be many other places the encoding/decoding process 
  for Ogg Theora can be optimized, it's surprising nobody tried before. 
btw, I didn't do this optimization, it was done by a developer at Redhat.

	- rob -

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