Announce: Spanish Wikipedia snapshot activity.

Chris Ball cjb at
Mon May 26 21:37:24 EDT 2008


   > Simple English can be a good test ground for English-only
   > programmers :-) and is a viable candidate for inclusion in images
   > for countries where ESOL is common or desired. SJ pointed out that
   > its quality is a bit uneven but that's about par for the course w
   > Wikipedia (I didn't spot anything too weird).

   > I'd love to get my hands on the tools too ;-) -- maybe he's
   > published them and I've missed the msg?

Our tools are in the projects/wikiserver GIT repo, but we need to write
up instructions.  SJ's mentioned having an intern or two working on
reproducing and documenting this.  I think it'll be much easier for
English; unlike Spanish, they have the Simple English wiki and a
"Core Articles" list, as well as fairly well-maintained categories.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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