Project Hosting Application: Model

Bobby Powers bobbypowers at
Mon May 26 08:45:56 EDT 2008

1. Project name             : Model
2. Existing website, if any : ,
3. One-line description     : An activity for System Dynamics modeling

4. Longer description       : System dynamics (SD) deals with how
things change over time. Model
                            : will allow kids to visually program
models of the world around them,
                            : from simple physics experiments to the
dynamics of how sheep or cow
                            : herd size impacts the land and sustainability.

5. URLs of similar projects : ,

6. Committer list
   Please list the maintainer (lead developer) as the first entry. Only list
   developers who need to be given accounts so that they can commit to your
   project's code repository, or push their own. There is no need to list
   non-committer developers.

      Username   Full name             SSH2 key URL                    E-mail
      --------   ---------             ------------                    ------
   #1 bobbyp     Robert Powers         (attached)
bobbypowers at

   If any developers don't have their SSH2 keys on the web, please attach them
   to the application e-mail.

7. Preferred development model

   [X] Central tree. Every developer can push his changes directly to the
       project's git tree. This is the standard model that will be familiar to
       CVS and Subversion users, and that tends to work well for most projects.

8. Set up a project mailing list:

   [ ] Yes, named after our project name
   [ ] Yes, named ______________________
   [X] No

9. Commit notifications

   [X] No commit notifications, please

10. Shell accounts

   As a general rule, we don't provide shell accounts to developers unless
   there's a demonstrated need. If you have one, please explain here, and
   list the usernames of the committers above needing shell access.

11. Translation
   [X] Set up the Pootle server to allow translation
commits to be made
   [ ] Translation arrangements have already been made at _______________

12. Notes/comments:
  Current work (to be imported to git) is here:
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