Adobe opens Flash--How much?

Rob Savoye rob at
Mon May 26 05:46:22 EDT 2008

Tomeu Vizoso wrote:

> Anybody knows what stops us from directly using the standard gnash
> build in fedora?

   They're not so good on updating either. You'll have better luck with 
my own builds on, or the Ubuntu builds, which are 
much more up to date.

> If we really need to maintain our own gnash rpms, then I volunteer
> (with my limited koji skills and time) to keep them updated.

   For Gnash "make rpm" works good. :-) Our new release should be out in 
a week or so, I'd stall till then, or build the release branch.

> Rob, you can be sure most people here understands what you feel. Just
> wanted to say that, regardless of what Nicholas says, there will be

   As we don't have to do anything special for XO builds, there isn't 
that much I need to do anymore for the OLPC anyway. Instead I'm working 
with other organizations doing similar things, I still believe strongly 
that educating the children is very important. Nicholas's claims that a 
big reason to use XP was to get flash player support was really 
irritating... That and I am a "free software fundamentalist", and proud 
of it. He obviously doesn't want people like me around.

> Not completely happy with that, we're working on making our software
> available in other hardware platforms and for other deployments. This
> community is forming right now in

   Yes, and I think that's a good thing. I also have my own new 
non-profit to run,, and the battle to free 
codecs and other multimedia formats and protocols is keeping me very 
busy. As this will benefit both the OLPC and SugarLabs, I'm still 
helping in my own way.

	- rob -

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