Adobe opens Flash--How much?

Rob Savoye rob at
Mon May 26 05:02:55 EDT 2008

Sofia Papoutsidaki wrote:
> To Mr Savoye, or anybody who could give an accountable answer,
>      "since the source code of swf and flv Files

   Adobe didn't release any source code at all. All they released was 
the API specification for ActionScript, and a few other things that we 
figured out years ago. I put my own versions of these documents on the 
Gnash site close to 3 years ago...

   For more answers, see this interview:

> is opened, i think it is possible to create a cd in Flash 7 (or more)  
> hoping that soon olpc will be able to run it. Or, at least, in Flash  
> lite 2.1(or more).Do you think it is a good idea? In other words,  
> which version of Flash is it better for us to try at the moment?"

   Gnash, which is on the OLPC already, supports up to swf version 9, 
FlashLite only supports version 7. As our ActionScript 3 class library 
us still in development, I'd suggest using version 7 or 8 for the best 
compatibility. Maybe someday I'll manage to get somebody to build a more 
recent version of Gnash for the XO, as the version being shipped is 
ancient, but there appears to be nothing I can do about it. To be 
honest, I've given up paying much attention to the OLPC project thanks 
to Nicholas, so good luck.

	- rob -

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