Problem with Stream Tubes over the Mesh

Urko Fernandez tturktime at
Mon May 26 03:06:07 EDT 2008

Hello there,

I've used the same Read code to implement stream tubes on my activity,
but changed to D-Bus tubes afterwards to share the file as explained
You can find my code here:;a=summary
It may happen that some sort of NAT or firewall is not allowing the
stream tube to work properly. D-Bus tube works with messages and I
believe each computer's telepathy manager handles the networking stuff
(no need to specify or use TCP). You can send a file in chunks of array
of bytes. Hope it helps.

On Sun, 2008-05-25 at 21:05 -0700, Kristofer Plunkett wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm developing an activity in Sugar that uses stream tubes to transfer
> data (slide shows, in particular).  The code I'm running to accomplish
> this is almost an exact mirror of the Read activity, which seems to be
> the defacto example of how to use stream tubes.  When sharing the
> activity and using the tubes over a wireless AP, everything works just
> fine.  However, when doing the same over a mesh network, things don't
> work.  I've confirmed that the HTTP server is running on the correct
> port and works correctly on the XO that is sharing the data, and, once
> the joiners have acquired the stream tube, I confirmed that the
> correct port is opened on localhost on those machines.  When the
> joiners attempt to download the data from the tube (forwarded socket),
> they are able to connect but then the connection is reset as soon as
> the request is sent.
> The HTTP client/server code being used doesn't have any logging, and
> the networking involved here is all new to me.  I have no idea how to
> dig deeper using, for example, the usual tools of tcpdump, etc...
> If you're curious, here are links to my project's public site and
> development wiki:
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Kristofer Plunkett
> Computer Engineering - Undergrad
> University of Washington
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