XO-2 software plans

Alex Belits abelits at phobos.illtel.denver.co.us
Fri May 23 09:59:50 EDT 2008

Chris Ball wrote:
> Hi Alex,
>    > That's assuming that non-OLPC developers will have access to
>    > hardware before it will be declared ready for deployment. Otherwise
>    > it will be like G1G1 -- first batch to outside developers coincides
>    > with first mass deployment, then everyone complains that deployment
>    > happened before development.
> This isn't true at all.  I got my first hardware, as a non-employee with
> no relationship to the project, in May 2006.  We'd sent hundreds of
> laptops out via the public developer program by the time G1G1 happened.

How many developers were in that program, and how can one join it? Is it 
available now, between G1G1's?


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