Ludovic FERRE ludovic.ferre+olpc at gmail.com
Thu May 22 15:53:35 EDT 2008

> We may need to rethink how certain parts of the UI work in order to
> better support touchscreen operation.  For example, the frame might be
> 'pulled' out from the corner using a drag gesture; perhaps the same
> gesture would be required on the XO-1.  Right click context menus are
> not so natural on a touchscreen; will we define a gesture to activate
> them, or try to shift to a different mechanism?  How will gestures be
> discoverable?

What about a game touring users around the hardware features (playfully)?

This is what is done in most games introducing specific controls/behaviours.

My first game on the Wii was Red Steel and the first few game rounds
really help understand the Wiimote control and it's interaction with
the game.

Ludovic Ferre

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