XP on OLPC - a contrarian view -- followup

Robert Myers rmyers7 at mindspring.com
Fri May 16 18:32:58 EDT 2008

Ok, Here's where it gets scary.

> That being said, I believe Bill G is a prime example of 'Daniel
> Plainview' capitalism -- it's not enough for him to win, everyone
> else has to lose. So OLPC has to be careful.

NN said in his release

"Open Firmware V2, the free and open source BIOS, is now capable of
running Linux, Microsoft Windows XP and other operating systems, and
was developed by Firmworks with support from OLPC. This will enable dual
boot of OLPC XO laptops with Microsoft Windows XP in addition to the
existing Fedora-based system and will become the standard<br>
BIOS/bootloader for all XO systems when completed. With this
"free BIOS," the XO-1 continues to be the most open laptop hardware
currently available."

This comment is what I based my previous remarks on.

I just saw the Microsoft video of an XO running XP. In it the XO single 
boots from an 'insyde' BIOS. The MS guy says that XP doesn't fit on the 
flash, and is installed on an SD card. In this case, I'd guess the flash 
is just being used as a home for the BIOS. I can see why techs at MS did 
this to get a working prototype rather than having to wait for (or worse 
yet, contribute to) the OF V2 bootloader/BIOS.

Some sources seem to say that early pilots of the XP XO will go out in 
this configuration. I really hope not, other than waving a few around to 
show that it can be done.

An XO being able to run XP is a feature, and some may argue, a valuable 
one. An XO that only runs XP is just another small cheap computer, 
albeit "greener" than most.


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