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Fri May 16 13:00:58 EDT 2008

Hey Zach. I'm the maintainer for the Develop activity, over the long term
I would love to have this functionality in Develop. Got to go now, but we
definitely have to talk. You should start hanging out on the IRC channels -
I am homonq (actually I misspelled that to keep google from caching my real
name with my nickname, but you will recognize me).

On 5/16/08, Zach Riggle <zachriggle at> wrote:
> Hello All
> My name is Zach Riggle, and I am participating in the Google Summer of Code
> this year.  I am working under the Python Software Foundation, under the
> mentorship of Grig Gheorghiu and Titus Brown.  My project, sugarbot, (you
> can find more information here: is to
> implement a library or application that allows for GUI automation and
> testing for Sugar.  Because Sugar is unique in the world of GUI's, its
> automation library also requires a few unique features.  I am using a few
> existing Python GUI automation libraries to help me get started, and have
> high hopes for the project.
> You can track development progress at the sugarbot blog (
>  If anyone has any recommendations,
> advice, best practices, or wants to offer their brain for me to pick, just
> send me an email.
> [My apologies if this gets sent to the mailing list twice.  I sent it
> yesterday, to developer at, and didn't see it show up on any of
> the digests]
> Thanks,
> Zach
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