Priorities for Develop?

Jameson "Chema" Quinn jquinn at
Fri May 16 10:54:12 EDT 2008

> >
> > Haven't seen it in months. Datastore should be made more sturdy anyway. I
> > know that this answer is lame, but how do I debug what I can't now
> > reproduce?
> Perhaps you should revise then :)

I don't trust magic fixes. (btw, I believe that this problem was xapian
corruption due to xapian not flushing correctly. I will update the page when
datastore can recover from xapian corruption.)

> > *currently also very easy to lose changes by producing invalid activity
> > bundles by munging MANIFEST. This is the main motivation for updating
> bundle
> > format, hopefully this should be fixed soon.
> I'm sure a sanity check of MANIFEST wouldn't be hard to add - make
> sure all files are listed - but not a high priority I'm sure.

On the contrary, this is my top priority, and what I am working on. But I´m
doing a comprehensive fix to bundle format, not just a band-aid. (partly
because there are many existing activities with broken MANIFEST, partly
because sugar's versioning/installation is currently too rudimentary to
support a decent Develop workflow). Dataloss is not good, and when the
target audience is kids you can't blame the victim. can
be manual - errors are fixable - but MANIFEST must be bulletproof, because
errors mean dataloss.

> Morgan
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