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I don't know how to project an actual XO, but have you considered 
running a Live CD version of Sugar on your regular laptop? You would 
boot up using the CD, no need to install anything on the hard drive, and 
this would give your laptop the Sugar interface which you could demo to 
your audience.  Some features would be missing (camera, etc.) but it 
might do for your demonstration if you can't come up with anything better.

I found a couple of links:

I haven't tried that one, it might be out of date.

Or one I have tried:

I liked this one enough to install it on my hard drive, and I use it for 
Activity development.

James Simmons

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Subject: How do I project an XO
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I am doing a talk in front of a large audience and would like to show
the XO's screen on a projector. I have a laptop which
can be projected and ideally would like to show the XO's screen on the
laptop. Other solutions (not a camera on the XO's screen) would be
Any suggestions.

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