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Ok.   I found 4 networking scenarios on the wiki at this link:
I was a little surprised not to see a scenario where a mesh network
connects via a mesh portal without a school server.   Is this a valid
scenario, or was it deliberately excluded for some reason?
Did anybody explicitly define how the networking should handle changes
in configuration?  
An obvious one is from an p2p mesh to a school mesh.    I can see how
there could be troubles with a cluster of 1 or more XOs which have an
ephemeral connection to the school mesh - they would tend to thrash
between link local address assignment and DHCP address assignment as the
weak connection faded in and out.   I think the same thing would happen
with mDNS and the presence protocols.
I'm really trying to get at the vision for how networking should work.
I've seen some comments here and there that networking should just work
- but I'm looking for something at the next level of detail.    I'm
listening if anyone would like to share their opinion.


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I'm adding Martin and Ricardo to this email thread in case they can

I would also suggest you post your questions directly to
devel at lists.laptop.org as it isn't always clear who will be the best
person to answer a request. 


On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 9:11 AM, Bill Mccormick <billmcc at nortel.com>

	It's hard to verify the net mgr is doing it's job if we're not
sure what the job is.
	How about I draw up a description of the 4 networking scenarios
(school server, access point, mesh portal and mesh) based on the wiki
and you folks can tell me if this is what you intended?


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	Sorry, Bill. Everyone here has been flat out and next week is
supposed to be even worse.
	There's lots of info on our wiki -- just a little difficult to
find. I would point you to the main page, and the 'testing' link (on the
left hand side). wiki.laptop.org. You will see some 'Networking
Scenarios' in the Links of Interest section; and from there you can find
other links.
	You can find various developer lists here, (devel being the most
active) where you might get answers to questions like this a lot faster
than John or I can respond: lists.laptop.org
	Thanks for your patience. Hope to talk again this Friday.


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		Subject: School mesh config
		Hey John,
		I've got my first pass through the network manager code
done & I can even almost build it (there were some changes to libnl I
have to deal with) on my Fedora 8 box.
		At our last meeting we talked a bit about the school
mesh configuration...  do you have any written info on this?
		if not could we do a call next week and I will pick your
		hope you have a good weekend...

		Bill McCormick
		Open innovation lab
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