Keyboard Support for Haiti & Ethiopia - OLPC 8.1.1 bugfix release

Michael Stone michael at
Wed May 14 19:54:46 EDT 2008

--- officially ---

According to tickets #6973 and #6945, 703 loads the wrong keyboard map
for Haiti and inappropriately invokes GTK-IM for Ethiopia. It is
proposed that we make a small bug-fix release to allow Haiti and
Mongolia to make effective use of their laptops with a 703-like build.

The USR process checklist for this release is here:

and the Wiki documentation is at

At present, we believe that #6973 and #6945 can be fixed without
security-sensitive changes.

--- less officially ---

We've got a fair amount of divergence between current joyrides
and 703:

and I'm mildly interested in reducing this divergence. Also, there are
some tickets at

(and some not recorded there) which we ought to consider.

If you can provide a package by Sunday night which is useful and which
comes with some evidence that the change introduces no regressions,
please speak up and I'll see whether we can dig up the resources
required to QA your change.

Thanks very much,


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