Arcade game

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at
Tue May 13 04:33:52 EDT 2008

Hi Evgeny,

2008/5/12 Jeck Landin <jecklandin at>:
> Hello, All.
> I would llike to develop 2D arcade/shooter multiplayer game. Planned to
> create multiple game modes, such as well-known Deathmatch, Capture the flag,
> Domination, etc. But without violence and in child-oriented setting. For
> example, different funny animals would jump across 2D map and "fire" each
> other with bananas, coconuts and other fruits. The game will support the
> connection and disconnection of players during the round, using
> mesh-networking technology.  Perhaps I will add bots. Then I will work on
> the development of graphic elements and special effects. Design of the game,
> I wish to make in the children's style - bright colors, distinct pieces .I
> have some experience in the creation of images and animations of this type.
> Looking forward to your reply.

I suggest you to check existing games in order to get ideas for both
the game and its implementation.



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