Mind improving tool announcement

qwerty ganqqwerty at bk.ru
Mon May 12 16:58:51 EDT 2008

Hello, everybody. I'd like to present you our project in OLPC.

Tool that we develop improves such system thinking skills as 
generalizing, abstracting, decomposing.
The idea is to make the application as intuitive as possible with the 
help of ideas of mind mapping and modeling software.
At first, children choose the topic of current modeling session. They 
can take one of existing topics or create their own one.
After that, children use tool palette to create objects and 
relationships between them in the context of the topic.
Each topic is represented by ontology so relationships and objects are 
elements of topic ontologies.
Relationships can have properties (transitive, symmetric, functional, 
inverse functional), and object can unite into classes.
When map is created in the workspace, children can ask questions about 
it (about existing objects and their relations with far-away ones).
Ontology ideas are very close to the system thinking. With the ability 
to represent properties, classes, individual
concepts etc in a simple and funny way this tool will be suitable for 
entertaining and educating children.
We don't know yet what ontology language to use, it could be RDF or OWL.
Does anybody know something about similar projects? Or may be somebody 
wants to join us?
At the moment we are working in a group of three.
Our UI Prototype here:
Other artifacts are only in Russian, we will translate it, if it's 

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