Acoustic Measure Problem

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Hi Guys,

Our e-mails crossed in the ether :-)

If you get traction for this idea and the list is OK with it, I can ask
some teachers if they will use it.


Greg S

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Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
| On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 5:47 PM, Benjamin M. Schwartz 
| <bmschwar at> wrote:
|>  There is a much larger point here, though.  I would love to get more
|>  (any!) feedback from teachers about my code, so I know what's 
|> important in  the field.  Until you mentioned this page, I had no
idea that it existed.
|>  ~ I'm sure many other developers feel the same way.  It seems that 
|> the  teachers want to give us feedback too, but somehow, the loop is 
|> not
|>  We need to connect this feedback loop.  We need a way to get 
|> complaints  back from the field into the hands of developers, like 
|> I've suggested in  #6950.  We've talked about translating Trac, but 
|> if Trac is too  complicated, then perhaps we need to set up an RT
|>  inconvenientes at  Maybe also a simple webform at  
|>, for those with web access but no e-mail.  
|> Then  we need to tell the teachers that these things exist, and make 
|> them  understand that we really do want to hear about what they don't
|>  I want to hear complaints about my software, and then I want a way 
|> to open  a dialogue with those who are having problems.  This is the 
|> first step  toward improving open systems.
| I like your suggestions, two questions:
| - What would be done with the info submitted?

It would be translated and given to the engineer responsible for that

| Could there be an
| automatic process or someone would need to manually triage and send to

| trac/mailing lists?
There are many possibilities.  I think my favorite, at the moment, is to
create a simplified version of the trac webform,  perhaps a complete
parallel installation of Trac, at  Presumably
we would make no registration required (or use the included OpenID once
that's live).  Therefore, users would be immediately be shown the
problem submission web form.  This form would contain fields for title,
component, the problem text, and uploads, without confusing users with
severities or owners.  Submissions could also be made by e-mail.

The process would then be the same as when someone submits an untriaged
trac bug.  The only difference is that the owner cannot expect the
submitter to respond further on that bug, due to lack of internet
connectivity and higher priorities than bug discussion.

| - How we could get back to the submitter?

If the submitter uses e-mail, Trac will CC them automatically.  If the
submitter uses the webform, they can be asked to bookmark that page, or
subscribe to its RSS feed.

Eventually, I would very much like to see direct support for
non-realtime messaging in Sugar.  Then "inconvenientes at" can
be represented as a specific buddy in the mesh view, and people can send
messages to it directly through the "messaging interface", whatever form
that may take.

- --Ben
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