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Greg Smith (gregmsmi) wrote:
| I ask because there is recent feedback on mesh issues from a teacher at
| Lambayeque, Peru and
| a teacher in Uruguay has asked about supported Mesh features too. The
| Lambayeque page says: they wish they knew in advance that Acoustic
| Measure Activity would not work with 6 groups of two students each.
| That's mostly an issue with activity design and our communication about
| what activities support but it does raise a good test case (6 groups of
| 2 sharing a single activity).

This is very interesting to me, as the author of Acoustic Tape Measure.  I
happen to speak some Spanish, and having reviewed that wiki page, I
suspect they are encountering bug #6463, which renders unicast even less
reliable than multicast.

There is a much larger point here, though.  I would love to get more
(any!) feedback from teachers about my code, so I know what's important in
the field.  Until you mentioned this page, I had no idea that it existed.
~ I'm sure many other developers feel the same way.  It seems that the
teachers want to give us feedback too, but somehow, the loop is not closing.

We need to connect this feedback loop.  We need a way to get complaints
back from the field into the hands of developers, like I've suggested in
#6950.  We've talked about translating Trac, but if Trac is too
complicated, then perhaps we need to set up an RT list:
inconvenientes at  Maybe also a simple webform at, for those with web access but no e-mail.  Then
we need to tell the teachers that these things exist, and make them
understand that we really do want to hear about what they don't like.

I want to hear complaints about my software, and then I want a way to open
a dialogue with those who are having problems.  This is the first step
toward improving open systems.

- --Ben
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