very simple datastore reimplementation

Jim Gettys jg at
Fri May 9 10:15:36 EDT 2008

FUSE is great, but...

It means interoperability must be an explicit planned-in-advance action:
if a datastore is already on a removable device in your pocket, and you
need to access something on a foreign system, you are stuck unless there
is some minimal level of human interpretability of the file system...

Instead, you have to dig up a system with FUSE/olpcfs installed, and
then copy the files to a conventional file structure.

This is the use case that's hard to get around.
                            - Jim

On Fri, 2008-05-09 at 11:50 +0200, Tomeu Vizoso wrote:

> FUSE helps to get files out from the DS with POSIX apps and tools, has
> nothing to do with USB sticks.
> Only files inside the internal structure are named with strange hashes.
> > Having to have two different naming systems (one local, one removable
> > device) seems like duplication that should be avoided (if possible).
> To which two different naming systems are you referring?
> Thanks,
> Tomeu
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