[Production] Amharic input

Martin Sevior msevior at gmail.com
Thu May 1 00:09:05 EDT 2008

Hi Kim,
          Judging by the fact that AbiWord (Write) won't let you enter
English characters, I suspect that the Gtk IM is permently triggered.
I would guess that somehow we need to overide the locale seen by
environment for the English characters to be entered.

With regards to Write, I don't believe that setting the locale
accessible from UI as it currently stands. However if you manage to
set the locale to en_US and start a new Write session it will likely
accept English.



2008/5/1 Kim Quirk <kim at laptop.org>:
> Using Build 703 + G1G1 activities; the terminal acitivity, pippy, and
> abiword were all tested and I can't figure out how to get English
> characters. US/English characters show up only in linux virtual terminal.
> Even after a cleaninstall to 703, typing in the NAME: is only available in
> ahmeric.
> I set the mfg-data just as Quanta is setting it, based on the values from
> the mfg-data table:
> KMKLKVLOSKU(s)KA Reference
> olpcus,etolpc2,basicam_ET.UTF-811us
> Then do the cleaninstall (Arjun - did you do a cleaninstall after you set
> the values for keyboard??).
> Can't get US/English characters in Pippy, Terminal, AbiWord activities. But
> I did get English numbers (top row). The other characters look like I am
> getting an alternate font when I toggle the character change key... just not
> the one I want to match the keyboard (English).
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Kim

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