Short script for non-broadcast (cloaked?) ESSID: ready for testing by others.

Cortland Setlow cortland.setlow at
Thu May 8 01:59:51 EDT 2008

Dear Devel,

The following script gets my B2 and MPs online in joyride-1814, 703, and
656.  It won't run from Pippy due to DBUS restrictions.
I don't know the ESSID for NYC, and I don't know their WEP key either.  I am
able to share a chat over the
network created and it has lasted ~30 minutes without dropping off.  The
changes don't seem to survive a reboot.

Suggested use: copy script from usb key to /etc/rc5.d/ or write
a wrapper activity that keeps enough privilege to talk on the dbus.

note: The magic numbers come from /usr/include/wireless.h.  They are
(definitely hexadecimal):
#define IW_AUTH_CIPHER_NONE     0x00000001
#define IW_AUTH_CIPHER_WEP40    0x00000002
#define IW_AUTH_CIPHER_TKIP     0x00000004
#define IW_AUTH_CIPHER_CCMP     0x00000008
#define IW_AUTH_CIPHER_WEP104   0x00000010

/* IW_AUTH_80211_AUTH_ALG values (bit field) */
#define IW_AUTH_ALG_OPEN_SYSTEM 0x00000001
#define IW_AUTH_ALG_SHARED_KEY  0x00000002
#define IW_AUTH_ALG_LEAP        0x00000004

Still to be done:  Test with school server and collaboration.
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