[Its.an.education.project] An OLPC Development Model

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Wed May 7 21:30:22 EDT 2008

2008/5/7 Steve Holton <sph0lt0n at gmail.com>:

Case in point, it bugs me when the wiki documents features of versions which
> haven't been released yet, or declares a problem "fixed" because some later,
> as yet unreleased version no longer shows the problem.

Well, it's correct to document features of unstable builds; just not to
conflate that with a bug being fixed in a stable update to the last official
release.  This is why stable branches continue development in parallel with
the latest [unstable] trunk.

It ain't fixed if, in order to get the fix, you need to "...don't expect it
> to work, don't expect your system to even work ever again... but thankyou
> for testing..."

Agreed in general.  In specific, our system is built such that you /should/
expect everything to work if you upgrade specific activities to new ones.
New entire builds which are experimental are places where you shouldn't
expect anything to work -- if any docs suggest that there is a "fix" which
requires installing an unstable build, that should certainly be swiftly

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