An OLPC Development Model

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed May 7 16:22:42 EDT 2008

On 07.05.2008, at 22:11, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
>> And it's certainly no coincidence that the list of activities in  
>> olpc3
>> is what Kim wanted in ticket 6598. You certainly remember the
>> discussions.
> You're on crack, Bert.  *None* of the activities listed in 6598 are in
> the core build.

Maybe I am hallucinating this:
Installing Journal from file Journal-87.xo
Installing Read from file Read-45.xo
Installing Chat from file Chat-37.xo
Installing Web from file Web-86.xo
Installing Write from file Write-55.xo
Installing Record from file Record-54.xo
Installing Paint from file Paint-19.xo

>  What was actually implemented was
>, which I opened 10 months ago, and
> eventually prevailed with.  joyride is the anomaly these days, mostly
> due to historical reasons and my personal laziness.  Please open a bug
> against joyride if you feel strongly about it.

I don't mind too strongly, but I filed a ticket anyway (#6966).

- Bert -

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