very simple datastore reimplementation (Tomeu Vizoso)

James Simmons jim.simmons at
Wed May 7 12:39:40 EDT 2008


This sounds like a good way to go to me (speaking as a G1G1 owner and 
Activity developer).  My question would be, would it still be possible 
to launch Activities from removeable storage.  What I'm referring to 
would be things like the Read activity (and my own similar Activities) 
where the MIME type of the file determines which Activities may be 
resumed.  I don't expect the Activity itself to be installed on 
removeable storage, just the file being used by the Activity.

Another thing I would hope for is the ability to deal with files in 
subdirectories in the removeable media section of the Journal.  This 
doesn't have to be fancy.  Something like one of the panes of  Midnight 
Commander (text version) would do nicely.  The current system of making 
everything look like a Journal entry creates false expectations.  At 
least I had some.

James Simmons

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