Build olpc3-8 dies in early init.

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed May 7 05:17:12 EDT 2008

On 07.05.2008, at 02:03, Michael Stone wrote:

> Mikus,
> Thanks for trying out the olpc3 buildstream. As you can see, Dennis
> Gilmore and I are experimenting with rebasing our software on top of
> F-9. There are two current challenges:
> 1) upstart wants to be pid 1. We reserve pid 1 for our own use. We can
> remove the conflict with a dirty hack, contained in the upstart RPMs  
> at
>  Probably, we need to
> implement --init for upstart. (Or not use upstart.)
> 2) We need to build pyxpcom support for xulrunner. I'm hopeful that,
> with help from caillon, mpgritti, and dgilmore, we've got this one  
> under
> control.
> Anyhow, we'll have more builds for you soon, hopefully which make it
> past the execution if /sbin/init.


- Bert -

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