Build olpc3-8 dies in early init.

Michael Stone michael at
Tue May 6 20:03:57 EDT 2008


Thanks for trying out the olpc3 buildstream. As you can see, Dennis
Gilmore and I are experimenting with rebasing our software on top of
F-9. There are two current challenges:

1) upstart wants to be pid 1. We reserve pid 1 for our own use. We can
remove the conflict with a dirty hack, contained in the upstart RPMs at  Probably, we need to
implement --init for upstart. (Or not use upstart.)

2) We need to build pyxpcom support for xulrunner. I'm hopeful that,
with help from caillon, mpgritti, and dgilmore, we've got this one under

Anyhow, we'll have more builds for you soon, hopefully which make it
past the execution if /sbin/init.


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